Our Lord's Calling Voice is infinite

Ministry is not just an activity we engage in with hope of advancing His Kingdom, it is our God-designed identity being freed, healed, and empowered to give us the joy of abundant Life. We have the priviledge of joining Him in doing what He sees the Father doing, as no other person in the world can, because no other person has your intentional design. 

Many holy conversations are developing that promise one more identity in Christ overflowing into the production of Kingdom fruit. 2018 promises to be a year of new fruit, manifesting in new ministries that create deeper community, healthier people, stronger reach into the world, revitalized spiritual growth, and greater glory for our King. 


What is the Lord setting on fire in your heart during this season of "Yes"?!

Have you dared to dream? Are you seeking your next adventure of real fulfillment in Him? Do you have a desire that remains unspoken? Talk to Pastor Paul about it.  Let's get started, so you can watch the Lord bless it together. His callings are as numerous as the people who seek Him with all their heart. No one else can accomplish the dream he wrote in YOUR heart.


Little Chapel Food Pantry

Christ's love in action!

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Solid Rock CAMP

Building lives on the foundation of Jesus Christ!

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