But truly God has listened; he has attended to the voices of our prayers.
— Psalms 66:19 NKJV

The importance of prayer

We were created for intimacy with God, and it is through prayer that we develop a greater intimacy with Him. He designed us to relate to Him. We have been given a spirit that can communicate with His spirit. There is no higher honor.

God wants us to intercede for all people, every nation, every tongue, every tribe should come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. There is always a need for intercessors. God is looking for people who will go before God and reach out for His mercy and compassion that will prevent His wrath and judgement upon people. The intercessor always comes before God on behalf of others. 

He is calling us to lay down our life for others through prayer. To pray means to break through the barrier, which has stopped the work of God in the lives of people for whom we intercede. On one hand, the prayer of an intercessor cancels the wicked plans of the enemy; on the other hand, it brings to pass all the good plans and purposes He has in store for people. 

If you are wondering if you are one of those called to intercede, then you probably are!

Please join us in praying for His plans in 2018. Please join in this prayer as often as you are able:

We bring you thanks for all that you have and are accomplishing for each of us and communally in Your church. We ask you Lord to continue to powerfully be the Head of the Body in all things we undertake in joy and obedience for your Kingdon. Bless and grow all new leaders and new ministries as you call them forth. Grant us your presence so that we may have your strength in all we do, your wisdom and revelation in all decide, and your favor upon everything we see you doing. We ask you to keep your protection on every one of us and on every ministry as we face the attacks against your plans in this Body. May we be a people of your testimony that always have a great account of your grace and ability in our age. Amen

Thank you!