I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.
— John 10:10 NKJV

The High Call of the Church

The scriptures are clear to identify such trials of life as God's opportunity for genuine growth into a deeper, richer relationship with Him. A church Body that is not marked with a faith-filled, confident readiness to minister from the Lord's heart, in the Lord's power, should cause us to pause and evaluate. Preaching inspiring messages, without accompanying ministry that brings the reality of truth into people's lives, is harmful. Jesus promisedthat He would be with us unto the end of this age. He did not say that He would give us a religion sufficient to carry us through.

The Lord is raising a team of soul care ministers (pastors) for this call. This team was assembled by the Lord when one of our families went into crisis. They have understood themselves to be a team, with varied gifts, ever since. They are now in an extended journey of training and waiting on the Lord to continue to order and establish the Body of ministry as He envisions it.

Restoration Team members are committed to ongoing training and equipping to ensure that the strength of the Lord is available for all who need His presence and touch to experience the victory of the Kingdom. Many have already received the touch they needed from the Lord through this team. It is our hope that these testimonies will begin to be declared blessing the faith of us all.  

While effective ministry is already available through this team, this restoration and healing ministry is in the process of being established in strength. Ultimately, this ministry will provide a structured opportunity for people to receive pastoral counseling, inner healing ministry, practical needs care, healing prayer, and intercessory prayer in conjuction with our existing intercessory and care teams. 

more information coming soon!